Plan your visit

Hangö Frontmuseum offers free off charge visits for schoolgroups. The visits can be booked between mondays and fridays during business hours. Do not hesitate to contact  us - we are flexible with appointments.


What does a visit cost?

The visit, including guiding, will be free for all visiting schoolgroups. The transportation will be the schools responsibility.  Svenska Kulturfonden has applications for funding transportation (at


How long does a visit last?

Prepare for at least a 2 h lasting visit. Indoors we will look closer at the exhibition and outdoors there will be a warpath, which includes visible traces left from the war. The grounds of the museum has trenches, firing positions and other interesting exhibition objects, for isntance a tank. There is also an obstacle course created for kids to try out.


How large of a group can visit?

Ideally the students would arrive either as a class or in smaller groups. Maximum amount of students per group would be 20 - 25 in order to keep the students gathered and be able to hear and see the guide properly - and thus enjoy a successfull visit! We can also receive groups of 50 students but in that case the group will be divided into two units where each unit will take turns visiting both the inside and otuside of the museum (with a teacher present in both units). 


Are there any meal options?

Schoolgroups may enjoy their own packed lunch at the museum. Upon request we also offer snacks and refreshments. For further inquiries on prices you can contact us!


Program for schoolgroups

We have created bespoke programs for classes of 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 and also for gymnasium and vocational schools. THe programs include guiding of the exhibition, a walk through the warpath on the museum grounds and tasks to perform. Make sure to save at least 2 h for the visit. Once the visit is ending the teachers will receive useful material and tips for discussing the visit at school. the material will be different depending on the age of the students. 

In case of spare time and further interest, the museum can arrange a further visit to the frontline at Harparskog. This will include a visit to the bunker Irma which is located at Skogby, approximately 5 km from the museum. The bunker was an active part of the defenceline during the war and next to the bunker you can still see the tank wall. 



All schoolgroups have free entry and a staff from the museum who will guide them. The schools are responsible for transportation to and from the museum.



We accept bookings all year round! Schoolgroups will have to make a booking for a visit!